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Check out this recent interview Anna did with The Guardian for What To Expect When You’re Expecting during London premiere:

It’s a shock to find Anna Kendrick curled up in a bathrobe when I enter her hotel suite. On closer inspection, though, the 26-year-old turns out to be beneath the robe, rather than inside it. “I do have clothes on under here,” she squeaks. “It’s just so cold.” She is perky, with subtly Manga-esque features – wide-open eyes and a tiny, expressive mouth – but she hasn’t had the most relaxing morning. Whisked to Salford at bleary o’clock to appear on breakfast TV, she got stuck in traffic on the way back to London and hasn’t eaten all day, hence the pizza that she begins nibbling on while we talk.

Not that Kendrick would bemoan her lot. “I’m the person who wouldn’t send back my food even if I got steak when I’d ordered fish,” she sighs. This could be why she is often drawn to the tenacious or hyper-confident characters in her work – the “bad asses,” as she puts it. Through them she can live out fantasies of assertiveness. “It’s sort of a wish-fulfilment thing, to have those moments where you can yell at people, or say ‘Fuck you!’ to an ex-boyfriend.”

Think of her as a censorious busybody in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, or the ruthlessly ambitious debate-team captain in Rocket Science, or the corporate axe-wielder opposite George Clooney in Up in the Air, a performance which brought her nominations from every awards body from the Oscars down. She is a crisp dramatic actor with a facility for screwball, as well as a knack, best exhibited in last year’s “cancer comedy” 50/50, for being adorable without lapsing into kookiness.
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Anna attended Barack Obama’s re-election campaign for Young Americans earlier today with other celebrities like Sophia Bush, Dianna Agron, Ian Somerhalder, Zachary Quinto and more:

Gallery Link:
June 7: Barack Obama “Young Hollywood” Re-Election Campaign

Visit Young Americans for Obama to get involved!

I have added a poster of Anna in Pitch Perfect:

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Promotional Stills

Check out Anna’s recent interview with BBC One’s Breakfast last week to talk about What To Expect When You’re Expecting:

Anna Kendrick has spoken of her “relief” over no longer appearing in the Twilight series of films.
The Up in the Air actress has starred as Jessica Stanley in the teen-vampire movie adaptations, but will not appear in the final film, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, when it is released this year.

Kendrick explained that she is glad not to be involved in the project, because she previously revealed information about the films by accident during interviews.

“It’s a relief not to have to transverse into the murky waters of talking about Twilight,” she told BBC Breakfast.

“I know nothing about the next one, I can’t spoil anything and I’m looking forward to watching it.”

Kendrick currently stars in the ensemble romantic comedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting opposite Jennifer Lopez, whom she described as “beautiful”.

She said: “They flew me into Atlanta just for the purpose of walking into the frame of Jennifer’s scene.

“She’s so beautiful it makes your head want to explode.”

The actress also stated that the film is a “pro-dad” story, unlike other TV shows and films in the past.

“It’s a movie that’s pro-men and dads. There’s instances in films and TV where dads are not being present, and are dead-beat dads. But this is a pro-dad film.”

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will debut in cinemas on November 16, while What to Expect When You’re Expecting opens in the UK on Friday, May 25.


The release date for Anna’s upcoming movie, Pitch Perfect will be October 5 2012!

– Universal will release Gold Circle Films’ Anna Kendrick starrer Pitch Perfect on October 5, 2012. The comedy centers on a girl who takes her new college pals into the cutthroat world of university a cappella contests. Jason Moore of Broadway’s Avenue Q directs.


I have added more HQ photos of Anna at the UK premiere of What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

Gallery Link:
- Public Appearances > 2012 > May 22: “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” Premiere In London

I have added even more pics of Anna last night’s premiere of What To Expect When You’re Expecting in London including after party pics:

Gallery Links:
May 22: “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” Premiere In London
“What To Expect When You’re Expecting” Premiere In London – After Party

I have added new pics of Anna at “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” UK Premiere earlier on today. I have also added some more of Anna at Los Angeles’ premiere last week. Thanks to my friend Cam for some of them. Lots more will be up later!

Gallery Link:
May 14: “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” Premiere In Los Angeles
May 22: “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” Premiere In London

Check out another interview of Chace and Anna for What To Expect When You’re Expecting:

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