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I have added some gorgeous portrait photos of Anna.

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- Session #001

I have added a new photoshoot from 2013.

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- Session #003

I have added two gorgeous images of Anna from a 2012 photoshoot.

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- Session #013

I have added a social media photo of Anna and the cast of Pitch Perfect 2.

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- Social Media

Gallery Links:
- September 25, 2013
- September 26, 2013

I have added a promotional still of Anna in Happy Christmas.

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- Promotional Stills

I have added a new promotional still of Anna in Drinking Buddies.

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- Promotional Stills

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Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick is set to put her singing voice to use for another comedy, this time an animated one. Remember those troll dolls with the colorful spiky hair? Well, DreamWorks Animation does. The studio’s musical comedy Trolls will send the popular toy creatures on a wild and hilarious adventure.

Kendrick will star as Poppy, the peppy princess who sets out on a quest to discover the origin of the trolls’ gravity-defying hair.

The film will be directed by Mike Mitchell (Shrek Forever After), who believes Kendrick will, “…inject Poppy with the exact mix of spirit, sass and song that will no doubt give a whole new life to the iconic troll dolls.” 

The dolls were invented in 1959 by Thomas Dam, who could not afford to buy his daughter a Christmas present. Instead, the Danish fisherman carved her a figurine of a mythical Scandinavian troll. The troll doll became a huge hit in the 1960′s and then again in the 90′s.

One can only assume the trolls will once again rise in popularity when the film hits theaters – do Transformers or Smurfs ring any bells? - on November 4, 2016.


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