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A new poster featuring Anna has been released for Pitch Perfect and I have added it to our gallery.

Gallery Link:
- Movie Productions > Pitch Perfect (2012) > Promotional Posters

Check out a couple of TV spots of Anna’s upcoming movie, ParaNorman for the Olympics in London:

It has just been announced that two of Anna’s upcoming movies, “End Of Watch” and “The Company You Keep” have been selected for Toronto International Film Festival which will be held from September 6-16. Full list over at Variety.

End Of Watch
Festival – Special Presentation
David Ayer (Training Day) writes and directs this high-octane found-footage crime flick about two up-and-coming L.A. cops (Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña) who find themselves on the lam from a ruthless drug cartel after making an unexpected discovery during a seemingly routine traffic stop.

View over at TIFF

The Company You Keep
Festival – Gala
Robert Redford directs and stars in this gripping political thriller about a young journalist (Shia LaBeouf) who stumbles upon the story of his career when he uncovers the identity of a wanted ex-radical activist (Redford) who has been underground for five decades.

View over at TIFF

The schedule will be announced in August.

I have added a couple of portraits of Anna during Comic-Con for EW:

Gallery Link:

A promo still of Anna has been released in her upcoming movie End of Watch, hopefully more will be released of her soon!

Gallery Link:
- Movie Productions > End of Watch (2012) > Promotional Stills

Anna is not in this sneak peek for her upcoming movie, End Of Watch but since there was a panel for the movie during Comic-Con, I thought I would post something new regarding the movie here:

Check out this other cast interview for ParaNorman during Comic-Con:

Check out Anna’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter where she talks about voicing in ParaNorman and also her upcoming movie, Pitch Perfect:

Check out Anna’s interview with her ParaNorman cast on Extra at Comic-Con stage:

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Check out Anna’s interview with Collider where she talks about ParaNorman and more!

Question: What can you say about your character?

ANNA KENDRICK: She’s a typical obnoxious older sister. She is really embarrassed by her younger brother, even though her brother is extraordinary and ends up saving the town. She thinks he’s annoying, and just wants to be normal and do normal things.

Would you compare this role of being a big sister to the one you had in Scott Pilgrim?

KENDRICK: No. Stacy was practical and wanted to give her brother advice, and her brother was actually being an idiot. She was giving him very real advice. In this, she does not have Norman’s best interests at heart. She’s a selfish cheerleader type. There was a lot more love coming from Stacy. There’s a lot of love coming from Courtney, but maybe not so much, at first.

What’s it like doing voice-over?

KENDRICK: I’d always wanted to do an animated film, so I jumped at the opportunity. This is my first one. I was really nervous because I’m not great at ADR, so I wasn’t sure how this was going to be. But, it was actually really, really freeing. In ADR, you’re watching your own movie and trying to say your line. In this, I just felt like it was a really safe space, and it was okay to make really ugly faces and really ugly body gestures. To use all those things as tools was really helpful. To not be self-conscious about the way you look on camera helps the intention to be really pure.

What is it about ADR that makes you uncomfortable?

KENDRICK: You’re watching yourself and you’re trying to match up to your voice and you’re waiting for those horrifying beeps. They haunt my dreams. I’ve seen different actors who hear it as a gunshot, and they’re ready. Other people hear take it like, “They’re ready, so whenever I’m ready, I’m going to start.” But with those beeps, it’s literally like you’re waiting and waiting, and then you have to get the line right. I do it, and then I’m like, “Shit, I fucked it up!” It’s just the pressure of ADR.

Can you see yourself in this animated character?

KENDRICK: Yeah, in some things. I would always bend at my waist, going from side-to-side, like I was so world-weary that I couldn’t hold my own body up, which is a very teenage girl thing. And Courtney does that.

How is it different to be directed in an animated movie rather than live-action?

KENDRICK: The direction depends on the director, I guess. The difference for me is that I get to hear what the director wants and do it immediately. You tell me what you want and, the second my brain processes it, I can say it and try it. The five seconds that it takes for them to shut everything down and go, “Okay, whenever you’re ready,” is the only time that the intention has to live in your body. When a director on a film set says it to you, you get to sit there and stew with it for five or seven minutes while they’re changing the light. You can’t just call, “Cut!,” and go again because there are always 10 adjustments that need to be made, and then you need to reset the camera. In that time, you can get so deep in your own head that you forget the original intention you had, when you went, “Okay, yeah, I’ll try that.”

Did you get to record with any of the other voice actors?

KENDRICK: I got to record my first day with Casey Affleck. He’d never done it before, either. We were both really new to it, and it was a great way to start out. By the end of the day, we were getting more and more comfortable, and it became a little competitive to see who was willing to embarrass themselves more.
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