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Check out the red band trailer of Anna in her upcoming movie, End Of Watch:

Check out some behind the scene footages of Anna and the cast voicing for ParaNorman. Remember these contain spoilers. Also check out her on set interview:

I have added more pics of Anna at “ParaNorman” Los Angeles Premiere.

Gallery Link:
August 05: “ParaNorman” Los Angeles Premiere

Check out four sneak peeks of Anna voicing Courtney in ParaNorman:

Check out more TV spots of Anna in ParaNorman:

Check out Anna’s interview with HLN TV‘s interview for ParaNorman:

Check out a couple of videos of Anna at “ParaNorman” Los Angeles Premiere yesterday. One of them is an interview:

Check out Anna and her cast’s interview with Jake Hamilton for ParaNorman. Watch it out below:

Check out AP’s interview with a bunch of celebrities including Anna where they talk about the Olympics. Anna talks about Michael Phelps and the video of his mom’s reaction when she found out he didn’t win. She also talks about the vault.

I have added the first HQs of Anna at the premiere of ParaNorman in Los Angeles earlier today. Lots more to come!

Gallery Link:
- Public Appearances > 2012 > August 05: “ParaNorman” Los Angeles Premiere

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